New kit tests for HFMD in just 15 minutes!

(From left) Dr Tan Eng Lee, Dr Lin Zhaoru and Dr Kevin Koh are part of a team of six working to make the HFMD kit user-friendly so it can be sold in pharmacies eventually. 

A new kit which allows an easier and faster detection of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), will go on clinical trial next year. It was invented by Dr Tan Eng Lee.

This kit uses and checks saliva sample instead of blood samples, making use of antibodies to bind to the virus of an infected person. It also shortens the time for detection, from a few hours to under 15 minutes. 

This kit works like a pregnancy test. When a saliva sample is tested and two red bands appear on the kit, it shows that the person has HFMD. 

The team is now working to make the kit user-friendly and they eventually hope that this kit can be sold in pharmacies. 

Source: (10 October 2015)


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